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About the Joy of Belly Dance 

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Ashley has always loved dance. As a teenager she dabbled in ballet, hip-hop and Polynesian dance and passionately danced and helped teach Hula. She was introduced to Belly Dance in college and absolutely loved the sense of sisterhood, confidence and instant happiness it brought into her life (getting a workout while having fun was not bad either haha). She soon became the Belly Dance President at her University and later a member of the audition only advanced troupe that boasted high intensity choreography with the option to perform and work at gigs. She has taken many workshops with popular belly dancers and drummers and has enjoyed teaching and performing on O’ahu where she has previously lived. She then taught and performed in the Las Vegas teaching students the beauty, liveliness and flamboyance the cabaret style of dancing entails. 

Today she is in the Denver Location ready to share all the benefits of dance with others! 

If you're looking for a fun and lively class that will help you exercise while also learning a unique style of dance come join us!

She States: 

I wanted to create a safe space for women to explore their sensuality, create bonds with others, exercise and have fun all while it being affordable, so I created this!


Offering a way to maintain and execute self care for all women is very important to me so I try to make my classes as affordable as possible because I know how much belly dancing has personally positively affected my mental, emotional and physical health.


I hope you come to love belly dance as much as I do and the sisterhood that comes with it, and even if you do not and move on to explore other things I am truly grateful that you have shimmied with me when you did!


Always with Love,


Ashley Halemano

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